Luau with Luna

Grab your coconut bras and grass skirts and head down to Peace River Wildlife Center to the Luau for Luna. Join us this Saturday, June 21st as we celebrate the summer solstice and welcome the official start of summer during our regular visiting hours of 11a.m. to 4p.m. We will have crafts for the kids, themed snacks, and fun, fun, fun! Luna, our albino screech owl, will be posing for photos at certain times throughout the day. Admission for the festivities is $5 for adults and $3 for children.

Ah, yes, the lazy days of summer are upon us. That is one adjective we do not have the privilege of using at PRWC. The rehabbers stay quite busy with all of the baby birds and mammals that need to be fed and cleaned all day long. The tour guides try to stay one step ahead of the random thunderstorms, taking in and putting back out all of the educational material we have on hand for our visitors. Our cleaners and maintenance crews are inundated with tree trimmings that we use to enrich the habitats of our residents. And believe it or not, I can usually find a chore or two to keep myself occupied.

One recent day I was working on two grant proposals, entering data for reports for our state and federal licensure, updating our Facebook page, proofreading our newsletter, and checking over our new website before it went live. Which, by the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, check that out! Thanks to Anne Marie, our resident computer guru and entomophobe (bugs bug her!), PRWC’s website is now easy to navigate and holds a lot of interesting info. We will be adding more content daily, so check back often.

But, back to my crazy day. While I am usually a master at multitasking (sarcasm), if they gave out awards for the most ridiculous action by a harried worker, I would be walking away with a statue. I needed to make a copy of our most recent fiscal report and the pages were stapled together. Talking on the phone, I left my computer keyboard, and walked over to the cupboard where my office supplies are kept. I absentmindedly grabbed the stapler and an eraser and went back to the counter where the report was that needed to have the staple removed so I could run the pages through the copier. There probably exists a realm where a stapler and an eraser would be up to the task at hand, but I do not reside there. Some days I’m not entirely sure if I’m completely present in this world.

We hope that you can find some time in your busy schedule this summer to come visit PRWC. Even if you can’t make it this Saturday, we are open to the public from 11a.m. to 4p.m. every day of the week. Remember that the animals that are being rehabilitated for release are not on display to the public, but if you let our talented tour guides show you around, you might just learn something new about one of our unique permanent residents.

– by Robin Jenkins