Harbor Nissan Gives Back

What happens when you combine a car dealership and an insurance agency?  Great things for Charlotte County!  Harbor Nissan has committed to donating $15,000 every month to local charities.  Two $5,000 awards go to non-profit organizations and one deserving family or individual is selected to also receive $5,000.  The winning non-profits are determined by votes.  Anyone can vote on Facebook, where up to three votes per person per day can be added to an organization’s total, just by typing that organization’s name in the comment field.  Harbor Nissan has three separate Facebook pages—new car sales, used car sales and insurance.  One vote can be placed every day on each of these pages:

Harbor Nissan: https://www.facebook.com/HarborNissanPortCharlotte/

Harbor Insurance: https://www.facebook.com/HarborInsuranceQuote/

Auto MarketPlace: https://www.facebook.com/AutoMarketplaceCars/

Other ways to make your vote count:

Harbor Nissan / AUTO MarketPlace:

Buy a car – 10 chances

Refer a friend – 10 chances

Demo a car – 5 chances


Harbor Insurance:

Purchase Insurance policy – 10 chances

Insurance Quote – 5 chances


Harbor Nissan owner, Chris Freeland, and Harbor Insurance agency owner, Shaune Hotchkiss, have orchestrated this philanthropic endeavor.  Each of the approximately 100 non-profit organizations registered has a contact person Harbor Nissan: within the company.  PRWC is lucky to have Brigett Hilston as our representative.  Brigett is an insurance agent at Harbour Insurance and has always been an avid animal lover.  The proud kitty-mom of two rescued cats, she would love to volunteer at an animal shelter, but recognizes her limitations.  She and her husband, David, just know she would end up bringing too many of the homeless pets with her when she leaves.  Sounds like a great volunteer for PRWC.  We usually don’t look too kindly on our volunteers trying to walk out the door with an eagle under their arm!


Keeping it all in the family, Brigett’s husband, David Hilston is Punta Gorda’s Urban Design Manager.  He has been helping PRWC weave through the maze of uncertainty with regard to our current relocation frustration.  He has been working hard to find us an appropriate location as well as assisting us with the intricate dance that is zoning regulation.


Peace River Wildlife Center would also like to thank all of our supporters for helping us be one of the $5,000 recipients for June.  This donation will be added to our Capital Campaign Fund as we prepare to build our new facility.  We are now committed to rebuilding on an acre within Ponce de Leon Park and need the community to support us in this massive project.


Many local companies claim to support the community, and do so in small ways that add up to a large commitment.  One company, Harbor Nissan and Insurance, has put their money where their mouth is, and it’s pretty big.  One might even say it’s even bigger than HUGE.

by – Robin Jenkins, DVM