Who wore it better?

In case you missed Fashion Week in Paris, do not despair.  It’s time for Couture Week at Peace River Wildlife Center.  This week we will be hosting a “Who Wore It Better?” campaign.  As seen on Facebook (the harbinger of fashion sense worldwide, as well as the People of Walmart) we will compare a few fabulous creatures wearing the same apparel and leave it up to you to decide who wore it better.

A few weeks ago, someone donated a pair of pillowcases in a pretty pastel coral colour with a ruffled edge.  I mentioned that it looked like a skirt and everything went downhill from there.  Maybe we are all getting a little punch-drunk from the 20 admissions per day.  Maybe it’s the lack of sleep from taking care of all the baby mammals in home care.  But every now and then you just have to take a step back and laugh at yourself (or your fellow coworker, as the case may be.)

I took one of the pillowcases home and turned it into a skirt, leaving the other behind as a cage liner as intended by the donor.  As luck would have it, I happened to have a blouse that matched it quite well, both in colour and style.  I was feeling pretty plucky, and so decided to challenge the patients at PRWC to see if they could wear said garment with the same panache that I did.

First up is a gallant gopher tortoise.  She throws the shrug over her shoulders and poses like a prima donna.  She was admitted after having been hit by a car and has a fracture on her carapace (upper shell.)  She is recovering nicely from her physical wounds (but may need some serious counselling if her friends and family see these pictures.)  Luckily, this tortoise will be released soon, but not all are so fortunate.  If you see a tortoise crossing a busy roadway, stop only if you can do so safely.  Help the tortoise to the side of the road it was headed toward and place it as far from the shoulder of the road as possible.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"
Don’t hate the beautiful opossum

Our next model is a young Virginia opossum.  “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful,” she emotes.  Many people fear opossums, but these mild-mannered creatures are extremely beneficial to the environment.  They eat disease-carrying ticks and venomous snakes without getting injured.  Due to their low body temperature, they do not carry many of the viral diseases that most mammals can get.  Being naturally docile creatures, their primary mode of defense is to roll over and play dead, looking and smelling the part.  So, while she may look lovely in her couture, I’m fairly confident that I smell better at least.

Our final contender is a pair of eastern cottontails working their adorable magic.  They snuggle into the pleats like they belong there, making them their own.  These two neonates were found in the middle of a fenced dog yard, in a shallow divot with a few blades of grass, a couple tufts of hair, and no mother. 

Cottontails snuggle into the pleats
Cottontails snuggle into the pleats

While that may sound like an inappropriate place for a rabbit nest, it is a common scenario.  Mother rabbit does little to construct her nest and places it where she can observe potential predators coming at her new family from a distance.  She only visits her nest twice a day to feed her young, to lessen the chances of predators following her to her babies.  Unless they look dehydrated or injured (or not well-dressed), leave the bunnies alone.

We’ve all seen Hillary in her vacuum cleaner bag and The Donald facing off against an ear of corn and a troll doll.  Now you get to decide who you think makes the best fashion statement at PRWC.  Because with everything that is wrong with this country and the world today, fashion faux pas are definitely the biggest issues to focus on.


by-Robin Jenkins, DVM

Dr Robin sports her pillowcase pleats
Dr Robin sports her pillowcase pleats