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10/17/2018 – Icarus update: RELEASE DAY – At 10:00am on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 Icarus took to the skies once again.  This is why we do what we do. Amazing work!











10/16/2018 – Icarus update: Tomorrow Icarus will be released back to the wild. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to watch it happen live!












10/02/2018 – Icarus update:






09/22/2018 – Icarus update: Close to 10 months into recovery, Icarus is really making great progress and may be very close to being released back to the wild. We will keep you updated when we have more details about the timing of this exciting day. Stay tuned! …..

Icarus soars across his test flight habitat signaling he is about ready to care for himself once again and take aim to the sky of freedom
Icarus gets stronger and stronger as he continues molting new feathers and taking flight



If you look closely, you’ll see new feathers growing in on Icarus’ wing! You’ll also noticed he still has mostly old singed tail feathers.

06/22/2018 – Icarus update: Do you remember Icarus? Icarus is our rehabilitating bald eagle who was hit by an electric current, burning all his feathers. He’s been here since December 4th, 2017 as we slowly wait for him to molt all his old singed feathers. So slowly! 😉

Below, you can see one of his burned tail feathers next to a tail feather from our resident eagle Arthur. Amazing the damage to the singed feather! Good news is Icarus is molting old feathers every week, so he’s getting there. It’ll be a great day when he can fly again!!

Perfect eagle feather on the left. Singed eagle feather on the right

Thank you for your support! An eagle can go through over a dozen rats and a couple dozen fish a week at least and donations always help with food orders. And thank you to our dedicated volunteers who go above and beyond to help our patients!

(Photo provided by: Josh Olive)

4/2/2018 – Icarus update: This bald eagle was burned by a power line on 12/4/17. He has been at PRWC recovering from his injuries–burnt feathers and skin. He is now in our 100′ flight cage awaiting a total molt so he can be released, which could take months or years. Many thanks to everyone who helped with his rescue and a special thanks to those who are helping to pay for his food while in captivity. Boy, can that eagle eat!

02/22/2018 – Icarus update: In early December 2017, Peace River Wildlife Center admitted a bald eagle that had been burned by a power pole discharge. While it isn’t a common injury for us to treat, an electrical shock is not unheard of. When we do have an incident like this, Florida Power & Light is extremely responsive. They investigate and repair the pole (and numerous poles on either side of it) to make sure the poles are safe going forward, for both the wildlife and workers who may encounter it…. Read Dr. Robin’s latest Chirp for the rest of the story here

01/06/2018 – Icarus update: While Icarus is waiting until he can return to the skies, he’s enjoying our cool weather and eating well! For those who don’t know his story, Icarus was shocked off a utility pole in PGI on December 4 and sustained electrical burns to his face, feet and all his feathers. He had an uncertain start but he’s doing great now. He even has a new primary flight feather growing in! Only 50+ more flight feathers to go! Icarus is not on display but you can see our resident eagle pair “Bilfred & Arthur” any day.

12/14/2017 – Icarus update: Icarus the American Bald Eagle, who was brought to the center with extensive burns from a power line about 10 days ago, is slowly starting to improve. He looks a bit worse at the moment, but he is healing and we are applying topical medications to all of his burns. He is starting to slowly eat better and regain strength. Though it can be months to a year for his full recovery, we have high hopes for him to hopefully return to the wild.Read Dr. Robin’s Chirp about Icarus here

12/07/2017- Icarus update: Check out Dr. Robin discussing the shocked Bald Eagle, Icarus, on Wink News, December 7th. At this time, his prognosis is stable but guarded – however we are optimistic about his recovery.

Icarus being administered medication


12/04/2017 – Icarus update: On Monday, 12/4/17, we received several calls at once regarding an eagle that was floundering in a canal. The residents heard a huge bang and went outside to check it out. The eagle apparently was shocked on the power line, landed on the ground and hopped into the water. Our veterinarian, Dr. Robin, and two of Punta Gorda’s finest, Officers Joe Farley & Tony Pribble, were on the scene to rescue the bird. Upon examination back at PRWC, it was noted that the bird has extensive burn marks over most of his body.

Dr Robin is working alongside FPL to identify the pole where the bird was shocked and they are working diligently to repair the issue. We would like to thank Officers Farley & Pribble for their hard work and help to rescue the eagle and to FPL for handling the situation so quickly & efficiently.

The burnt outline of where Icarus landed after the shock of her life

Icarus dropped her food after being shocked off the pole

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