Anhinga in distress

With unknown material wrapped tightly around its beak, this bird would not have been able to eat or drink and would have slowly weakened and most likely died of starvation and dehydration.

But……A group effort saved this Anhinga from certain death.

On Tuesday April 24th, Paula Genther from the Desoto County Health Dept in Arcadia, Fl. called PRWC about being concerned of an Anhinga with something entangled around its beak. The bird was on the Health Dept. property along the banking of Lake Katherine. We immediately called one of our rescuers in Arcadia to respond and attempt the rescue. Since the bird could still fully fly, it was a difficult task. With nightfall approaching, our rescuer had to call off the rescue but made a plan to gather more help for another attempt the following day.

The next day, on Wednesday, before the PRWC rescuer was able to get back in action, the staff at the Desoto Health Department executed their own plan to save this bird. The bird was not looking very good and was much weaker than the day before, they knew they had to do something.

Equipped with a only a net, scissors, a phone and alot of determination, this team successfully cornered, captured, untangled and released the Anhinga back in the wild to live another day. This type of rescue is no easy task but with this team, Mission Accomplished!

If you ever see any wildlife in any kind of distress, please call us right away for help at 941-637-3830. If you feel like you too can make an attempt at a wildlife rescue similar to the story told above or interested in becoming a PRWC Wildlife Rescue Volunteer, please give us a call, we would love to talk with you. There are certain safety precautions to follow to protect you and the animal depending on the animal you will be saving.

A BIG thank you goes out to the Desoto County Health Dept., Paula Genther,Machele Raulerson Albritton (pictured in red),Cynthia Christia Scott (pictured in blue), Penny Kurtz Pringle, Jenny Starnes Turner and Deborah Gibson

Wildlife Rescue Heroes, THANK YOU!