Osprey entangled in line hanging from a dock

We love how much Punta Gorda police and fire teams care about local wildlife! Yesterday morning we had an early visit from an officer whose team of firemen and policemen had responded to a call of an osprey tangled in line, hanging from a dock. Thankfully it was nearby in PGI and we could get there quickly to help.

The bird had fishing line and sinker around both legs and a wing and couldn’t free itself. It must’ve been fishing at dawn because it even had food in its crop! Besides the stress and some wing abrasions from the line, the bird looked good. We’ll release it back after couple days R&R.

Please never leave fishing equipment in nature! For fishermen, remove all gear when you leave. For those outdoors and on the water, collect and remove any line you find. Fishing line is deadly for the tangled animals that aren’t found. Thank you to the police and fire officials for their help and quick response!!