Purple Martin’s released just in time!

Sometimes we get to experience extra wonderful releases, like we had with our purple martins on Monday at dusk! We don’t see many purple martins come to PRWC but we’ve had 5 young ones in this season, from two situations where they couldn’t be renested.

The tricky part of raising purple martins is the colonies leave their nest sites all together mid-June to the beginning of July and join at communal sites before all migrate to South America for the summer. The pressure was on to get ours out and with a colony ASAP! As we neared the time for our juveniles to go, martins were already vacating the nest sites we knew!

Through the quick help of the Purple Martin Conservation group, we located a still-active nesting colony in Cape Coral and released ours to this massive colony of 500+ purple martins. It was awesome to watch ours join with their new flock!