Ravioli Raccoon

                                  Moments before the rescue

This young raccoon likes his Chef Boyardee a little too much! Thanks to an observant person and Charlotte County Animal Control officers, he was found wandering with a can on his head, rescued and brought to us for care. After being freed of the can, he got the all clear to go home today. It takes us all to help wildlife. ❤️



                     Safely in the Animal Control Truck                                          on the way to PRWC


A kind Port Charlotte citizen found this distressed raccoon in her backyard this morning with his head stuck in a ravioli can. AC Officer Enriquez transported the juvenile raccoon to Peace River Wildlife Center for assistance. The animal needed to be sedated while the can was carefully clipped away until it could be pulled off. The critter appears to have only minor injuries and is expected to be ok. Thanks PRWC!



             PRWC Rehabilitator Amy Rhoads                                       Administers Anesthesia
                 The can is carefully removed







                                To live another day