Behind the Scenes

2019 has brought some new baby mammals

2019 has brought some new babies! Be watchful for squirrel nests in trees and raccoon dens in sheds, roofs, and more. A Juvenile Eastern Cottontail A displaced Juvenile Eastern Grey Squirrel Infant squirrels, nest blown ... continue reading

To every New Year (tern, tern, tern)!

A few residents and rescuers did a good “tern” when they helped these weak royal terns recently. The two in the back came in on New Year’s Day, our first intakes for 2019, while the ... continue reading

Ruby Throated Hummingbird – a rare patient at PRWC

RARE PATIENT: We haven’t had a hummingbird patient in years, so this ruby-throated hummingbird is unique at PRWC. She was caught by a frog and then both fell to the ground! She’s showing more activity ... continue reading

Gopher Tortoises Hatching

We see a tortoise! Check out the cutest thing you’ll see this week—two gopher tortoises hatching out! A couple weeks ago the apron of a tortoise burrow was damaged during construction and disturbed two tortoise ... continue reading

Say hola to our interns

There is some dissention as to whether explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, the namesake of the park where Peace River Wildlife Center is located, was the first European to discover Florida upon his visit in ... continue reading

An uncommon patient, a young Swallow-Tailed Kite

Update: 08/02/18 – This amazing bird has now been transferred to its new forever home at the Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida. Please read the full story of this Swallow-Tailed Kite in Dr. Robin’s Chirp ... continue reading

Today’s rehab is brought to you by the letter A

Today’s rehab is brought to you by the letter A. Alligators and armadillos, oh my! Read Dr. Robin’s blog about this recent Alligator patient by clicking here

Lawn ornament or Eastern Screech Owl?

Lawn ornament or Eastern Screech Owl? you decide! At the moment we have 13 sick, injured, or orphaned screech owls in our hospital. We love that these youngsters are acting like wild owls as they ... continue reading

The flight of “Icarus” updates

DR. ROBINS BLOGS RELATED TO “ICARUS”: Icarus Flies Again on 10/25/18 can be found here Icarus Update on 2/22/18 can be found here Icarus Falls Again on 12/14/18 can be found here   10/17/2018 – ICARUS UPDATE: RELEASE DAY ... continue reading