Rescue Stories

Hooked on Pelicans and Cormorants

These patients are reminders of the dangers of fishing gear for wildlife. Yesterday a laughing gull was found hooked and tangled in mono-filament caught in the trees. A resident saw it, FWC rescued it, and ... continue reading

Ravioli Raccoon

                                  Moments before the rescue This young raccoon likes his Chef Boyardee a little too much! Thanks to an ... continue reading

Osprey entangled in line hanging from a dock

We love how much Punta Gorda police and fire teams care about local wildlife! Yesterday morning we had an early visit from an officer whose team of firemen and policemen had responded to a call ... continue reading

Anhinga in distress

With unknown material wrapped tightly around its beak, this bird would not have been able to eat or drink and would have slowly weakened and most likely died of starvation and dehydration. But……A group effort ... continue reading

Momma Opossum hit by a car with 6 babies clinging on for life

On Tuesday, a Virginia Opossum was rescued by a caring resident after she was found hit by a vehicle. She had 6 adorable babies clinging to her. Mama’s in recovery right now with trauma to ... continue reading