Wildlife Releases

The First Wildlife Releases of 2019

It was release day for a few animals over the weekend. These were the last of our 2018 raccoons, finally going back to the wild. ❤️❤️ Photos courtesy of John Carney.         ... continue reading

A good week for releasing wildlife

It’s been a good week for releases! A purple gallinule, a rare visitor to PRWC, was found unable to stand after a likely vehicle impact. When fully recovered in about a week and a half, ... continue reading

Osprey flying away strong in August 2018

This adult Osprey gave us a show at its release last week. It was fished out of a canal in PGI dazed and not flying away, a few weeks ago. We were never positive whether ... continue reading

Purple Martin’s released just in time!

Sometimes we get to experience extra wonderful releases, like we had with our purple martins on Monday at dusk! We don’t see many purple martins come to PRWC but we’ve had 5 young ones in ... continue reading

Yellow Billed Cuckoo and a young Cooper’s Hawk released

05.22.2018: In between the rainy days, we’ve been happy to release some birds back to their homes recently! Yesterday we released this yellow billed cuckoo back to PGI after it had flown into a door. ... continue reading

Bald Eagle and Osprey Released

Sunday, May 13th, 2018 was an exciting day for PRWC. Two patients were released back to their homes. First, we were so excited to release one of our bald eagle patients this week! This adult ... continue reading

Young Eagle Renested with family

This fledgling bald eagle seems to be pointing his way home. He was renested by volunteer Kevin Barton, only to be found on the ground again a few days later. He was placed back up ... continue reading

The flight of “Icarus” updates

DR. ROBINS BLOGS RELATED TO “ICARUS”: Icarus Flies Again on 10/25/18 can be found here Icarus Update on 2/22/18 can be found here Icarus Falls Again on 12/14/18 can be found here   10/17/2018 – ICARUS UPDATE: RELEASE DAY ... continue reading