Dr. Robin’s Chirps

Nesting Season – The Baby Birds Are Alright

Now is the time of year when little featherless baby birds are hatching out of eggs all over the place, sometimes tumbling out of trees and occasionally into trouble. Here at Peace River Wildlife Center, ... continue reading

Birds, beasts & rum

An osprey recovering from a wing injury. It has finally happened:  We are in crisis mode at Peace River Wildlife Center.  While we rested comfortably on our laurels, the unthinkable occurred.  We were dethroned as ... continue reading

Why so needy?

Peace River Wildlife Center is extremely grateful to our supporters who donate items from our wish lists.  Some of the things we request are pretty self-explanatory.  We feed bird seed to birds.  It’s not rocket ... continue reading

Dance for the Worm Moon

Happy vernal equinox!  I trust all my loyal followers were dancing along with me (in their hearts, at least) last night during the Super Worm Moon festivities.  For those of you who have no idea ... continue reading

Want to babysit?

The honey-do lists around my house might be slightly different than most households.  As a matter of fact, one glimpse at some of my recent requests and your family may be eternally grateful for the ... continue reading

A normal day in a crazy life

I love my life!  In an alternate reality I am sitting in a prison cell somewhere for doing the exact same things I get away with here. A sandhill crane colt For those of you ... continue reading

Watch for sick raccoons

I don’t care what your calendar is trying to get you to believe–spring is in the air.  You can tell by all the pollen and love bugs.  Ugh.  Here at Peace River Wildlife Center we ... continue reading

The last straw

The mission of the Peace River Wildlife Center is to contribute to the survival of native Florida wildlife through rescue, rehabilitation, and education.  We are always hoping to expand the breadth of our educational message ... continue reading

White owls and bluegrass: A perfect match

In case you missed the ridiculously commercialized attempt to lure your hard-earned dollars into the pockets of jewelry stores or candy and flower shops, today is Valentine’s Day.  If you have somehow forgotten to purchase ... continue reading

Things you otter know

Flamingo Gardens’ otter display in Davie FL Last week’s blog about Peace River Wildlife Center’s river otter patients raised many questions.  Quite a few people were unaware that otters are found in Florida, and other ... continue reading