Dr. Robin’s Chirps

How to (ex) fix a broken bone

Dr. Rose operates on the osprey’s wing The medical staff at Peace River Wildlife Center does amazing things on a daily basis.  But the extent of the injuries we see and the number of species ... continue reading

You not-so-dirty rat

Baby wood rat Mark Twain was first credited with the quip that “golf is a good walk spoiled” in the Saturday Evening Post in 1948.  Oddly enough, Samuel Langhorne Clemens (his real name) died in ... continue reading

Stick out your tongue and say ‘Ugh!’

Great blue heron tongue At Peace River Wildlife Center, our primary mission is to rehabilitate orphaned and injured native Florida wildlife and get the healthy individuals back out into the wild as soon as we ... continue reading

Icarus flies again

While not the most successful release in the history of wildlife rehabilitation, the bald eagle dubbed Icarus returned to the skies after 10 months in treatment at Peace River Wildlife Center. The eagle was burned ... continue reading

What a weird place

As Led Zeppelin did a few years ago (47, to be exact), I found myself going to California recently with an aching in my heart.  Although the occasion was momentous (to celebrate family member’s milestone), ... continue reading

A modern day fairly tale

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:  A frog leaps up and snatches a hummingbird in mid-air.  Anyone?  While it does evoke an amusing image, it’s not a joke.  It actually happened recently, according ... continue reading

Picky eaters

At Peace River Wildlife Center, our primary goal is to treat and release injured native Florida wildlife.  Our secondary purpose is education.  Individuals that are otherwise healthy but wouldn’t be able to fend for themselves ... continue reading

As the PRWC world turns

                                  PRWC entrance circa 1982 Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, when daytime dramas were king, and Peace ... continue reading

The squirrels of autumn

Bottle-feeding an eastern grey squirrel. Labour Day has passed and now summer is over.  Tell that to the thermometers in SW Florida that refuse to budge below the high 90s during the day.  Or is ... continue reading

Join the team

Barb Taylor makes the mistake of unwrapping the head of a great blue heron during a rescue for a Kodak moment. Peace River Wildlife Center’s main mission is to treat and release injured native Florida ... continue reading