Dr. Robin’s Chirps

Good times, bad times

A full tummy promotes peaceful slumber It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks.  Where have I heard that sentiment before?  Is someone out there plagiarizing me?  I’ll give him the ... continue reading

How to (ex)fix a broken bone, part II

Catching the osprey for release also read: How to (ex) fix a broken bone part 1 We have a final update on the osprey that was admitted to Peace River Wildlife Center on October 19 with ... continue reading

Fabulous wood storks

Here at Peace River Wildlife Center, our primary mission is to rehabilitate orphaned and injured native Florida wildlife.  One of the ways we endeavor to keep wildlife safe is through education.  For example, we try ... continue reading

Tallying up 2018

Peace River Wildlife Center started off the year on a positive note by releasing eight gopher tortoises that had been in rehab, some as long as five months.  We can release gopher tortoises only when ... continue reading

Do our small efforts make a difference? You better believe they do!

Marsh rabbitSometimes when I read the newspaper, I get material for fun and jaunty columns.  “Couple arrested for being nude on the beach.”  “Woman charged with aggravated assault after passing gas near another customer in ... continue reading

So long, 2018, we hardly knew ya

Life is a roller coaster.  I know I’m not the first person to recognize that, but as the years pass, that metaphor gets more and more real to me.  It’s not just the ups and ... continue reading

A tortoise with a cold

Gopher tortoise with a strawberry smile. I hab a cold and by dose is stuffed ub.  Ahem.  Excuse me.  Along with what seems like 90% of the population, I have been a little under the ... continue reading

The best day

I can’t believe it’s almost here—my favourite day of the year.  Next Friday marks the winter solstice and I can hardly wait for all that it entails.  No, I don’t plan to be dancing naked ... continue reading

Keeping the lights on

PRWC resident sandhill crane Chickie Pants relies on the community for support Just a few years ago, Peace River Wildlife Center was floundering.  We had a dwindling board of directors and frighteningly little money in ... continue reading

Why do we do it?

A juvenile and mature bald eagle “Some keep the Sabbath” by Emily Dickinson, one of my favourite childhood poems (thanks to Mr. Charles Sides, my junior high school English teacher), often echoes through my mind ... continue reading