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Beanie Boo White Owl Plush

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Beanie Boo White Owl Plush


Isn’t it time you got a lil’ sweet and sassy? How about getting this little sweet and sassy Luna Look alike Stuffed Owl? This unique and fun plush owl is everything to everyone! Measuring five inches tall, this stuffed owl has big, yellow eyes with sparkles in the irises. Our little owl stuffed animal is stylin’ and profilin’ and making all of the other stuffed owls wish that they were even one-tenth as sweet and sassy as this little head-turner. Recommended for ages three and up, we suggest surface washing for our little plush owl.

All proceeds go directly to the care of injured native wildlife by providing medical care, food and housing for over 120 permanently injured residents on public display and more than 2,500 bird, mammal and reptile patients admitted annually. Your support will help save a “Wild” Life.

  • Big, brightly colored eyes plush toy; incredibly soft stuffed animal plush
  • Recommended for children over 3; surface washable
  • This cute plushy was created with high-quality materials and is surface washable in case you get it dirty from adventuring outside
  • Measures approx. 5 inches tall, allowing you to take this stuffed toy with you as you take your dog on a walk, backpack for school, or go out everywhere

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