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Cuddly Bald Eagle Plush

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Cuddly Bald Eagle Plush


This Stuffed Bald Eagle is an adorable plush animal that features super soft brown and white plush and a comical and upbeat expression. Measuring nine inches tall, this bald eagle stuffed animal is made of only the best quality fabrics and is wonderfully designed to bring out all of the unique features of the National Bird of the U.S.A. Recommended for ages two and up, this bald eagle stuffed animal is conveniently machine washable.

All proceeds go directly to the care of injured native wildlife by providing medical care, food and housing for over 120 permanently injured residents on public display and more than 2,500 bird, mammal and reptile patients admitted annually. Your support will help save a “Wild” Life.

  • Featuring a realistic design, this bald eagle stuffed animal plush toy is a representation of the iconic Bald Eagle species. High quality plush materials and soft polyester fill make this bald eagle plush an especially cuddly stuffed animal that will hold up to hours of play and make believe fun.
  • This bald eagle stuffed animal’s versatile size makes it an ideal take-along plush friend. Its golden-eyed gaze and hooked beak and talons will appeal to discerning nature lovers of all ages.
  • 9in H x 5in W x 5in L
  • Safe for all ages over 24 months, machine washable
  • Super soft plush

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