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Red Tailed Hawk Stuffed Animal Plush

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Red Tailed Hawk Stuffed Animal Plush


This Red-tailed Hawk Stuffed Animal is a plush pal that will really get your wings flapping! It’s quality construction and outright irresistibility ensure that this plush red-tailed hawk will be by your side for years to come. The playfully realistic appearance of this stuffed red-tailed hawk is created using distinct details and carefully selected colors that are thoughtfully incorporated into its design. Made with hawk lovers in mind, the Red-tailed Hawk Stuffed Animal is equally suited for being a cuddly and fun soft plush toy for children and a respectable and cherished display piece for adults. This delightful stuffed red-tailed hawk is bound to be adored, admired, and enjoyed by everyone. Measuring about eight inches tall and recommended for ages two and up, this plush red-tailed hawk is surface washable.

All proceeds go directly to the care of injured native wildlife by providing medical care, food and housing for over 120 permanently injured residents on public display and more than 2,500 bird, mammal and reptile patients admitted annually. Your support will help save a “Wild” Life.

  • Featuring a realistic design crafted with natural colors, this Red-Tailed Hawk stuffed animal is ideal as an educational tool or for creative play! Crafted with soft materials with a feathery texture, this Hawk plush is extra cuddly and great for hugs
  • This plush bird of prey’s bright, golden eyes and airbrushed details give him a bold expression and lifelike appearance. A curved, gray beak accents his face, while felt talons detail his light colored feet
  • Measures 8in H x 6in W x 6in L
  • Safe for all ages over 24 months, surface washable

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