Flat Stanley the Peninsula Cooter Turtle

Adoption $15.00 monthly

Flat Stanley the Peninsula CooterFlat Stanley the Peninsula Cooter Turtle was admitted to the PRWC in April 2013 by an elderly gentleman when his wife was no longer able to care for her pet. This Native Turtle was probably found, or bought as a baby, raised in a small tank with shallow water with no sunlight or UVB substitute, fed dog or cat food, maybe fish food, but not a correct diet for a omnivore who increasingly eats water plants as he grows into adulthood.

She has been rendered not releasable due to several issues:

  • She will probably not be able to find food on her own in the wild
  • She will have health issues in the future as her shell will not accommodate the growth of internal organs
  • There is little room inside her lungs to expand and she may not be able to submerge and/or float correctly
  • She may also have metabolic bone disease due to poor nutrition
  • She may have underdeveloped leg muscles making swimming difficult

Please do not try to make pets out of Wild Animals. If you buy any animal from a pet store or private breeder, research the proper way to care for it.