Major the Florida Box Turtle

Adoption $15.00 monthly


A resident at PRWC since late 2015, Major the Florida Box Turtle had been found and kept as a pet for an unknown length of time. He is friendly to people and will approach people. He was deemed not ideal for release, imprinted, being so friendly to people.

Major the Florida Box Turtle
Cool Facts about Major the Florida Box Turtle

Box turtles will eat poisonous mushrooms and retain the toxins in their body, their flesh may induce poisoning of humans. Baby and Adult turtles prefer different types of food. Young box turtles are true carnivores and they will hunt in the water for food. Older box turtles will primarily feed on the ground and they mostly consume plants.

  • Habitat: Box turtles hide in the mud, under decaying logs or in the abandoned burrows of mammals during the hottest part of a day.
  • Diet: Box turtles are omnivores (eat other animals and plants). Their diet consists of slugs, worms, insects, salamanders, fish, birds, frogs, eggs, fungi, berries and roots.
  • Conservation: Habitat destruction and excessive collecting of turtles from the wild (due to pet trade) negatively affect number of remaining box turtles. These animals are listed as vulnerable, which means that they may become endangered in the near future.