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Please do not paint Gopher Tortoises

05.23.2018: Did you know today, May 23, is World Turtle Day? The purpose of World Turtle Day is to bring attention to and increase knowledge of and respect for turtles and tortoises, and to encourage ... continue reading

Don’t Rescue Me

The final counts have been tabulated and the winner is…Peace River Wildlife Center!  We have added up all the patients seen over the 2014 calendar year and the total is 1,829.  That is down slightly ... continue reading

Flatwoods Eagle, Flat Out

Peace River Wildlife Center has been abuzz with a recent bald eagle patient this past week. One of our long standing volunteers, Barb Taylor, participated in a rescue class a few weeks ago and got ... continue reading

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to PRWC

An alert Arcadia Florida resident picked up a hitchhiker last May.  While we do not generally encourage this sort of reckless behaviour, we are happy to report a positive outcome for this incident.  She found ... continue reading

Batty for Bats

We have literally gone batty at Peace River Wildlife Center.  And I mean that, well, literally.  Not like OMGSuzie’s recent comment on a Facebook post, “I just literally cried my eyes out!!!!”  Because if she ... continue reading