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Young Eagle Renested with family

This fledgling bald eagle seems to be pointing his way home. He was renested by volunteer Kevin Barton, only to be found on the ground again a few days later. He was placed back up ... continue reading

Icarus update

In early December 2017, Peace River Wildlife Center admitted a Bald Eagle that had been burned by a power pole discharge.  While it isn’t a common injury for us to treat, an electrical shock is ... continue reading

Icarus falls again

Icarus was a figure in Greek mythology who flew too close to the sun, melted his wings, and then fell into the water.  Peace River Wildlife Center admitted a bald eagle this week who was ... continue reading

The flight of “Icarus” updates

DR. ROBINS BLOGS RELATED TO “ICARUS”: Icarus Flies Again on 10/25/18 can be found here Icarus Update on 2/22/18 can be found here Icarus Falls Again on 12/14/18 can be found here   10/17/2018 – ICARUS UPDATE: RELEASE DAY ... continue reading

Growing Up Eagle

Juvenile and Adult Bald Eagles in Rehab. If Benjamin Franklin had gotten his way, the national emblem of the United States might have been the wild turkey.  Franklin thought the bald eagle “a bird of ... continue reading

Bald Eagle Breeding Season

Bald eagle nest, photo courtesy of USFWS The bald eagle has been the national symbol of the United States since 1782.  It is North America’s second largest bird of prey—only the California condor is larger.  ... continue reading

Paranoia will destroy ya

The call comes in at 6 p.m.  Someone had seen an eagle on the ground at 10 that morning.  He had called Florida Fish and Wildlife, but they did not have an officer in the ... continue reading

The eagle has landed

Peace River Wildlife Center received a frantic call from a landscaper recently.  A baby eagle had walked into his open equipment trailer and was just hanging around.  He had tried to shoo it away, but ... continue reading

Goodbye 2016

2016 is finally over.  As one of the worst years in recent memory, it will not be missed.  We will miss the people we lost and the ideals that have been trampled.  So many bad ... continue reading

A tale of two tough birds

Charlotte County Animal Control strikes again.  I do not know how they do the amazing job they do, but I am glad to have them working with us at Peace River Wildlife Center.  Thanks to ... continue reading