‘gopher tortoise’

Please do not paint Gopher Tortoises

05.23.2018: Did you know today, May 23, is World Turtle Day? The purpose of World Turtle Day is to bring attention to and increase knowledge of and respect for turtles and tortoises, and to encourage ... continue reading

Chelonian life

Today is the most important holiday of the year:  Groundhog Day.  While we don’t actually believe in groundhogs here in Florida (the southern extent of their native range is Georgia), we know many of our ... continue reading

Who wore it better?

In case you missed Fashion Week in Paris, do not despair.  It’s time for Couture Week at Peace River Wildlife Center.  This week we will be hosting a “Who Wore It Better?” campaign.  As seen ... continue reading

Under Water

Southwest Florida, you are welcome.  I now have complete control over the weather and you can thank me for the ending the drought.  In the past, all I had to do was plan a trip ... continue reading

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who let the dogs out?  Woof, woof, woof, woof-woof!  This is more than just a fun little song released in the summer of 2000 by the Baha Men.  (See, I do know a few songs ... continue reading