‘great horned owl’

Owl down!

Peace River Wildlife Center took in our first young great horned owl of the year this week.  Unfortunately it probably won’t be our last.  They should issue a roll of duct tape when they send ... continue reading

That’s one moist owlette

“Callie, smell this owl.”  If your typical day starts with this type of conversation, you might be a rehabber. Peace River Wildlife Center admitted a great horned owl that was found perched on a front ... continue reading

Whooo wants to help an owl?

We often get calls at Peace River Wildlife Center from frantic folks requesting that we do something to help an injured or orphaned wild animal.  Once an animal has been transported to PRWC, the rehabilitation ... continue reading

Great Horned Owl Rescue

I have the perfect job for someone who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Unfortunately I don’t think I had ADHD before I started working at Peace River Wildlife Center.  Between the constantly ringing telephones; visitors ... continue reading