‘Peace River Wildlife Center’

Lawn ornament or Eastern Screech Owl?

Lawn ornament or Eastern Screech Owl? you decide! At the moment we have 13 sick, injured, or orphaned screech owls in our hospital. We love that these youngsters are acting like wild owls as they ... continue reading

Luna’s Birthday 2018

Peace River Wildlife Center is a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Our primary mission is to treat and release injured and orphaned wildlife. Secondarily, we strive to educate people about native Florida wildlife. Animals that will be ... continue reading

Otter-ly fascinating

Bottle Feeding a Baby Otter Last week’s unfortunate encounter between kayakers and a river otter on Braden River, where a woman got scratched when an otter jumped into her kayak, was an anomaly. Their whimsical ... continue reading

The people of PRWC

We often talk about the number of animals we see at Peace River Wildlife Center.  Let’s look at the number of people that impact and are impacted by PRWC.  By rough estimate, we have approximately ... continue reading

Icarus update

In early December 2017, Peace River Wildlife Center admitted a Bald Eagle that had been burned by a power pole discharge.  While it isn’t a common injury for us to treat, an electrical shock is ... continue reading

Whooo’s got a birthday?

Peace River Wildlife Center invites you to celebrate the first birthday of the latest addition to our family of glove-trained birds.  Orion the barred owl turned one on February 14 this year.  He is our ... continue reading

Avoiding rabies

Peace River Wildlife Center has received numerous calls recently concerning rabies. After a brief lull in occurrence in Florida, this lethal virus seems to be rearing its ugly head again. According to Florida Department of ... continue reading

Chelonian life

Today is the most important holiday of the year:  Groundhog Day.  While we don’t actually believe in groundhogs here in Florida (the southern extent of their native range is Georgia), we know many of our ... continue reading

Red tide lesser scaup update

Lesser scaups recovering from red tide[/caption]As reported previously, Peace River Wildlife Center admitted more than 40 lesser scaups (bluebills) in the final days of the previous year.  In the weeks to follow, admission rates slowed, ... continue reading

Meet our ambassadors

Our primary goal at Peace River Wildlife Center is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured, orphaned, and ill native Florida wildlife.  Our secondary mission is to educate the public.  This is the reason we have ... continue reading