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Momma Opossum hit by a car with 6 babies clinging on for life

On Tuesday, a Virginia Opossum was rescued by a caring resident after she was found hit by a vehicle. She had 6 adorable babies clinging to her. Mama’s in recovery right now with trauma to ... continue reading

Who wore it better?

In case you missed Fashion Week in Paris, do not despair.  It’s time for Couture Week at Peace River Wildlife Center.  This week we will be hosting a “Who Wore It Better?” campaign.  As seen ... continue reading

A friend in the night

Last week’s column began the discussion on the Virginia opossum, friend or foe?  I often receive questions about this particular species and am delighted to clear up a few misconceptions.  Since early spring is the ... continue reading

Opossums, Road Runners and Bears (not really), oh my!

A trip this week—not down Memory Lane but Burnt Store Road—brought up a few thought-provoking matters.  Driving south from Punta Gorda the first thing I noticed was the preponderance of road kill along the sides ... continue reading

Tripod opossum dances into our hearts

A recent recovery mission turned into a surprise rescue.  At Peace River Wildlife Center we often get calls about injured wildlife that we are pretty sure there is no hope of saving.  We got just ... continue reading

You want fries with THAT?!?

An opossum walks into McDonald’s.  That’s it.  There is no punchline.  This is not a joke.  Especially for the staff and customers at a local McDonald’s fast food restaurant recently when they noticed an adult ... continue reading

Cannibals for Dinner

Some of my husband’s friends think he has the best wife ever because I do not complain when he goes on his “boys only” expeditions.  They have no idea what I put that poor man ... continue reading