‘wildlife rehab’

Momma Opossum hit by a car with 6 babies clinging on for life

On Tuesday, a Virginia Opossum was rescued by a caring resident after she was found hit by a vehicle. She had 6 adorable babies clinging to her. Mama’s in recovery right now with trauma to ... continue reading

Otter-ly fascinating

Bottle Feeding a Baby Otter Last week’s unfortunate encounter between kayakers and a river otter on Braden River, where a woman got scratched when an otter jumped into her kayak, was an anomaly. Their whimsical ... continue reading

Batty for Bats

We have literally gone batty at Peace River Wildlife Center.  And I mean that, well, literally.  Not like OMGSuzie’s recent comment on a Facebook post, “I just literally cried my eyes out!!!!”  Because if she ... continue reading

Elle–Guardian of Her Galaxy

My faithful readers and I have been on some wild rides together over the years.  From troubleshooting computer problems (that one ended with the sage advice to consult an expert) to discussing the proper way ... continue reading