Beth H.

I have been a volunteer at Peace River Wildlife Center since 2010. I am originally from south Florida. My grandparents had an Everglades Boat Trip business in Naples and I spent many weekends as tour guide for their customers, pointing out all the different birds, telling them where to look for shells and all the names of the ones they found. I could not have had a better childhood.

Becoming a volunteer at PRWC was never a question. I am a cleaner, it is the best job here. I love being so close to the birds and observing their habits while helping them. Also, we are all passionate about PRWC and want it to look the best that it can for our visitors. Having visited other rescue facilities when I travel, I have learned that here we are exceptional in that we have gone the extra step to retain wildlife that cannot be returned to their natural habitat, providing a unique opportunity for the public to be educated about our wildlife.