Our Reptile Residents

Our Reptile Residents – We currently have over 120 permanently disabled residents that live at PRWC and are on public display for educational purposes, however, we only house a few reptiles. We do accept all Florida native wildlife for treatment and rehabilitation and we admit many other reptile species types such as Snakes and Lizards. Unfortunately, many sustain permanent injuries preventing us to be able to release them back in to the wild. Note: We do not treat venomous snakes or any invasive species of reptiles or domestic pets.

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Peninsula Cooter Turtle
Our Reptile Residents Flat Stanley the Peninsula Cooter Turtle
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Gopher Tortoise
Our Reptile Residents Legolas the Gopher Tortoise
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Box TurtleOur Reptile Residents Major the Box TurtleRead Major’s Story
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Florida State Reptile: In 1987 the Florida legislature designated the American alligator as the official state reptile. Alligators are found throughout Florida and in parts of other southeastern states. They prefer lakes, swamps, canals, and other wetland habitats. We do not have any alligators or crocodiles in our facility.

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Other native reptile patients commonly treated and/or rehabilitated at PRWC