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2020 Rehabilitation Statistics

Rescue & Rehab: Overall, PRWC had a positive outcome for 44% of our patients. A positive outcome includes patients that recovered well enough to be released or were transferred to another facility for continued care. Factoring the circumstance that some patients are dead on arrival, or very nearly so, when we look at the outcome numbers after removing patients that do not survive the first 24 hours of care, our positive outcome increases to 78%. We had 2,530 patients in 2020.

Wildlife Rescue stories
Wildlife Rescue stories

With the help of private citizens, rescue volunteers and Charlotte County Animal Control, about 2,500 injured, orphaned or displaced Florida native wildlife animals are rescued and admitted annually to the PRWC and that number grows every year. These animal patients are promptly examined and diagnosed by our professional staff of Rehabilitators and Director of Veterinary Services and immediately started on a treatment plan.   Click here to see some recent rescue stories.


Wildlife Rehabilitation behind the scenes

Depending on the diagnosis, recovery may take just a few hours of rest or can involve months of extensive rehabilitation. Some wild animals require physical therapy, some just need some time to heal. Some wild animals that are admitted to our rehabilitation center aren’t injured at all. Many birds and mammals admitted are orphaned, displaced or just too young to care for themselves. If they cannot be reunited with their parents, these wild babies are entered in to our home-care program for special around the clock care.  Click here to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Releasing wildlife back in to the wild

Our primary goal is treating and then releasing our wildlife patients back to their natural wild habitat and is an exciting moment for everyone involved.  Click here to see some recent wildlife released back in to the wild.

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Educating the public

Outreach programs are available for scheduling for private groups, schools and churches and we also participate at many off-site public events. We encourage the public to attend our outreach events, it’s a learning experience for people of all ages. Our educational speakers along with our Ambassadors will be available to answer your questions.  Click here for helpful tips on living with wildlife.

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